Solution Template – Encapture Document Upload

This solution template automates the uploading of loan documents into Encapture via interaction with the Encapture web portal, streamlining a key part of loan process.

You can use this solution template to: 

  • Log into the Encapture web portal
  • Search for the loan to upload documents for
  • Feed in the pathnames for the loan documents
  • Monitor for upload errors
  • Updates the bot’s database with the results of the upload

Ready to start using this solution template?



A member of our team will follow-up to discuss your unique needs and requirements to help build and implement this solution template. 

This task is compatible with: 

  • Automate Ultimate 11.2 and higher 
  • Automate Plus 11.2 and higher 
  • Automate Desktop 11.2 and higher