Zendesk - List Tickets to Excel


This how to guide introduces the Zendesk Bot - List Tickets to Excel. Instead of spending precious time and resources on repetitive, manual tasks, let Automate streamline your IT and business processes with robotic process automation. With the help of Automate we can take over manual steps, greatly reducing repetitive activities and improving the quality and consistency of work. The top processes streamlined with Automate include reports generation, file movement, data import and export, and scheduling batch processing.

Zendesk Bot - List Tickets to Excel is based in the Zendesk v2 REST API. It executes a search API request to compile an incident list based on the specification provided. The Excel output file will be automatically created with the next name pattern example:  ZendeskTickets_27022020_123836 in the task folder.

This task is compatible with:

  • Automate Ultimate V11.2 and greater
  • Automate Plus V11.2 and greater
  • Automate Desktop V11.2 and greater
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