Solution Template – Integrating Blend to Mortgage Cadence

This solution template automates the mortgage application process by integrating Blend and Mortgage Cadence through an API and GUI automation. This template gathers and downloads the mortgage application data and extra documentation from Blend and then creates the loan into Mortgage Cadence. 

You can use this solution template to: 

  • Import an application into LOS 
  • Pull back loan status from the LOS 
  • Send data multiple times and download documents from Blend to LOS  
  • Push product and pricing data, credit data, appraisal data, and GSE casefile ID to the LOS 

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A member of our team will follow-up to discuss your unique needs and requirements to help build and implement this solution template. 

This task is compatible with: 

  • Automate Ultimate 11.2 and higher 
  • Automate Plus 11.2 and higher 
  • Automate Desktop 11.2 and higher 
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