Solution Template - Onboarded Loan Reconciliation

This solution template automates the reconciliation of newly boarded residential loans into the Jack Henry Silverlake core banking system, specifically determining whether a pre-defined set of data points from the Encompass LOS correctly flowed into Jack Henry.

You can use this solution template to:

  • Generate comparison data, replacing an existing BI process, including comparing Jack Henry loan data sourced from an existing Cognos report (delimited data file) to Encompass data sourced via an API.
  • Replicate the existing 'pass/fail' review sheets (PDFs) and send the existing 'Loan Data Review Summary' email to the residential loan servicing team.
  • Act on the comparison results:
    • For successfully migrated loans with no discrepancies, the 'pass/fail' review sheet will be annotated with a note and attached to the loan via the Synergy document management interface within Encompass.
    • For loans with discrepancies, a predefined set of steps will be taken to address the discrepancy (if possible), or a notification will be sent to a predefined business group requesting that they address the discrepancy.
    • For loans with discrepancies, a loan-specific document will be created that identifies the steps taken to address any discrepancies. This document can be attached to the loan via the Synergy document management interface within Encompass.
  • Create summary metrics for each run of the automation, including number of loans processed, number of loans with discrepancies, total number of discrepancies, and then register that in a database for downstream reporting purposes.


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    This task is compatible with:

    • Automate Ultimate 11.2 and higher
    • Automate Plus 11.2 and higher
    • Automate Desktop 11.2 and higher
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