Globalscape – Box Connector

This connector allows you to handle remote files stored in Box using AWE actions. 


  • EFT 8.0.x and greater 

  • Advanced Workflow Module (AWM) 


Setup Process: 

Importing Advanced Workflows: 

1. Download the zip file and extract all files. 

2. Open EFT Admin Console and log in to the server.  

3. Expand the EFT site and select the Advanced Workflows node in the tree under the server tab. 

4. For each AML to be imported, click the Import button on the right. 

5. Select the AML file under the ZIP extracted folder and click Open button. 

EFT will show an import Workflow dialog window. Click on the OK button. (If the OK button is greyed out, change the name of the Workflow.)  


Using the Advanced Workflows 

1. Double-click on the advanced Workflow rule  

2. Edit the initial values of the input parameters. 

You must get a Developer Token and pass it to `BOX_ACCESS_TOKEN`. Each AWE might need different parameters. See the comments on each Workflow.  

3. Click the Run Button 

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