EFT Users - Create User Home Folder from Template Folder

This connector creates a pre-defined folder from a folder template under the user's home folder when a new user is created.


  • EFT Core 8.1.x and greater
  • Enterprise Actions Module (EAM)
  • See How to Import an Event Rule

Setup Process:

  • Using the event rule, select the event rule and edit the following statements:
    • If the user is a member of [Groups] : Select the list of groups that will be excluded from this event rule
    • Create or set variable %SourcePath% : Enter the Folder path to be a┬átemplate for the user's home folder
  • Enable the event rule
    • Click Apply button
  • Testing the event rule
    • Create a new EFT user
    • Locate user's home folder in the file system and verify you have all folders contained in the folder template
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