DropOff - Save Message to XML on Message Sent

This connector generates an XML file when a message with file(s) are sent using the DropOff portal.


  • EFT Core 8.1.x and greater
  • Enterprise Actions Module (EAM)
  • HTTPS module Workspaces (HTTPS)
  • Workspaces (WS)

Setup Process:

  • Using the Event Rule
    • Select the event rule
    • Edit the following statements:
      • Create or Set variable %XMLFolderPath% : Enter the path where XML transactions will be saved
    • Enable the event rule
    • Click Apply button
    • Note: You can add conditions if you want to save only transactions for a specific "TO" recipient address
  • Testing the Event Rule
    • Make sure Workspaces, Send Portal, and Drop-off portal are enable
    • Verify you have at least one Alias/Address in the drop-off address book
    • Open a browser and navigate to the URL associated with the EFT Server, e.g.https:///messageportal/#/dropoff 
    • Enter all message fields and upload some files
    • Click on the Drop Files Off button
    • Verify the XML transaction has been saved with all metadata provided by the XML action
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